Your How-to Guide to Using Career Outcomes in Enrollment Marketing

Career Outcomes: The Key to Effective Enrollment Marketing is a research-driven blog series about the power of career outcomes data and how it can boost student enrollment, retention, and career success. The series is full of helpful how-to tips for postsecondary institutions. Explore the series here.

If your institution hasn’t been using career outcomes data to attract and retain students, getting started can seem like a daunting task. In reality, building this data into enrollment marketing can be fairly simple. 

Using the latest research and the real experiences of our clients, we’ve identified some simple steps and helpful resources for getting the most out of career outcomes data. The following two-step process is designed to help enrollment marketers boost enrollment and retention of both traditional students and working learners.

Step 1: Review How You’re Currently Using Career Outcomes Data 

Just as the first step in any journey is to figure out the starting point, the first step in leveraging career outcomes data is to determine how that data currently is being used in your marketing, advising, and program portfolio efforts. Use the Career Outcomes Data Usage Checklist to get an overview of how career outcomes data is being used at your postsecondary institution.

The checklist includes questions such as: 

  • Does your postsecondary institution have clear career-to-program alignments that use real-world data to show how prospective students can prepare for a specific career by enrolling in a particular program? 
  • Do your alignments include both overall career areas and specific job titles related to each program’s outcome? 
  • Do your alignments determine which programs should be revised to better match local labor trends or be retired due to a lack of alignment with the current or projected job market?

If your institution is yet to develop career outcomes alignments or if your current alignments are lacking key details, you can find helpful how-to guides here: 

If your institution has career outcomes alignments in place, but aren’t using them to their fullest potential, then you can find ideas for better leveraging these alignments here: 

For a fast, easy way to ensure all the points in the checklist are covered, turn to Career Insight™ by Burning Glass Technologies, which goes beyond linking real-world career outcomes to every program. Career Insight includes a custom recommendation engine for prospective students, handy program and career search tool, personalized reports for individual learners, and robust resources for marketing, recruitment, enrollment, and admissions teams. 

Step 2: Use Career Outcomes Data in Marketing 

Simply having career outcomes data in the form of program-to-career or career-to-program alignments isn’t enough to boost enrollment. Postsecondary institutions must also put that data into action – but it can be challenging to figure out how to use it, when, and in what format. Use this complimentary Career Data Usage Matrix (inspired by Competing on Student Outcomes to Attract Today’s Career Changer by EAB) to help infuse career outcomes data throughout your top-, middle-, and bottom-of-funnel efforts.

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