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Will Markow

Managing Directo of Human Capital Management and Emerging Technologies

Will Markow is the Managing Director of Human Capital Management and Emerging Technologies at Burning Glass Technologies where he oversees Burning Glass’s research and consulting efforts that focus on strategic workforce planning and the impact of emerging technologies on the workforce. His research is featured in research projects for Fortune 100 companies, technology vendors, training providers, workforce development organizations, and government agencies. He has also advised multiple White House administrations on key issues related to the future of work. He leads the development of CyberSeek, an interactive online tool providing definitive data on cybersecruity workforce across the United States and Australia. His work is routinely featured in national media outlets, and he is a cited commentor on the cybersecurity talent shortage.  

Prior to joining Burning Glass, Will worked in the energy industry, leading research for public policy organizations and clean technology startups.  

Will has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Math from Bentley University.  

We have a 21st Century economy. Why do we have a 20th Century labor market?

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