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Bad Bets: The Cost of Failing Programs

Many colleges and universities are rushing new programs into place, hoping to increase enrollments, but as many as two-thirds of new programs may not confer enough degrees to provide a return on investment.

Big Data for Diversity and Inclusion

Burning Glass CEO, Matt Sigelman shows how a big data approach for diversity and inclusion can provide a solution to setting benchmarks, finding talent, and building from within.

How to Bridge The Skills Gap with Online Learning Programs and Career Pathways

During this difficult time, you can create learning and career pathways that will help employees be more responsive and productive in fast changing organizations. Here's how.

Assess How Well Your Programs Prepare Students for the Labor Market

Institutional researchers and student success centers can use actual alumni career pathways to prove the return on investment of your programs. We'll show you how.

Strengthening Career Services with Data on Alumni Success

In this webinar, learn how you can use alumni career data to strengthen your institution's career services.

Find the Pathway: Use Alumni Career Data to Align Programs with the Job Market

Analyzing alumni career pathways will allow you to improve and create programs that will prepare your students for their first jobs and beyond.

Quantify Career Success with Alumni Analysis

Discover how Alumni Analysis can enhance the in-depth job market analysis of Labor Insight™ with accurate, real-time data on alumni career pathways.

Marketing to Prospective Students with Alumni Analysis

Showcasing how your graduates succeed in the job market is a key component for creating successful enrollment marketing campaigns.
College students

How to Use Alumni Data to Drive Program Growth

Labor Insight™ and the premium dashboard, Alumni Analysis, work together to verify the success of your programs with in-depth, localized labor market data.

Measuring the Impact of COVID-19 on the Australia New Zealand Labour Market

The need for timely and relevant data has never been greater. Discover what our initial findings on job postings data in the US and ANZ tell us about their labour markets.
Merrimack College

Using Real-Time Labor Market Data to Improve Retention and Prepare Students for an Ever-Changing Job Market

Discover how Merrimack College is using labor market tools from Burning Glass to prepare their students for career success – even during a pandemic.

Measuring the Impact of COVID-19 on the Canadian Labour Market

New study finds Canadian job adverts dropped 35% during the coronavirus pandemic. Learn about experts' findings on Canada job postings data and how they used Labour Insight™ to gather these findings.

Teaching Grad Students How to Connect with Careers with Northern Illinois University

Discover how Burning Glass and NIU used labor market data and professional development planning to address career challenges graduate students face during pandemic.

Measuring the Impact of COVID-19 on the UK Labour Market

A 2020 Burning Glass study finds that UK job adverts have dropped 63% during the coronavirus pandemic. Learn more about the study findings in this webinar.

Researching the Impact of COVID-19 Using Labor Insight

Understand the reports available on Labor Insight, what we have already seen in the market, and the best practices for analyzing data in the short term.

Driving Revenue Up and Program Review Time Down, featuring California Baptist University

Find out how this college drove down program review and development time while increasing enrollments and generating over $4 million in revenue from online programs.

Using Career Outcomes as a Change Agent, Featuring Meteor Learning

Learn how can you create compelling education-to-career pathways and better articulate career information to your students.