UK Job Postings Tumble 63% as Coronavirus Impacts Job Market | Burning Glass Technologies

Job postings in the United Kingdom have dropped 63% since the beginning of March, showing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the country’s labour market.

Like most countries, the UK has taken a stiff economic hit from the pandemic, with the government’s economic forecasting agency warning the UK economy could shrink by 35% with unemployment reaching 10%. Job postings shed light on how employers view the future: what they plan to continue with and what may have to be sacrificed.

The UK saw the highest drop of the English-speaking nations examined by Burning Glass Technologies. By comparison, job postings have fallen 43% in the United States and 34% in Canada over the same period (the week of March 2 compared to the week of April 6).

Every nation in the UK saw significant declines: Wales (-59%); Northern Ireland (-63%); England (-64%); and Scotland (-71%). All cities also saw postings fall, ranging from Liverpool (-57%) to Leicester (-74%). Job postings in London, the nation’s largest labour market, dropped by 66%.

Essential industries, like Human Health and Social Work Activities, decreased the least (-25%). Some occupations even grew slightly: Speech and language therapists were up 6%, Ophthalmic opticians rose 5%, and Occupational therapists rose 4%. Health care occupations that involve services that can be put off or that require close contact fell the most such as Dental nurses (-81%) and Nursery nurses and assistants (-69%).

Outside of health care, Accommodation and Food Service Activities (-87%) and Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation (-89%) decreased the most. For some occupations there were almost no postings, such as Bar staff (-98%), Hairdressers (-91%), and Chefs (-89%).