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Australia’s National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) recently wrote a paper that examines the latest real-time data on trending and emerging skills in Australia. This data was sourced from Burning Glass Technologies, which has been collecting data in Australia for years. This data shows that the Australian labor market is undergoing dynamic change.

Trending Skills Across All Job Postings

Over the past four years, there has been a significant increase in Midwifery skills, which is most likely due to the increased demand in recent years, as well as two new pathways to midwifery in Australia.

The demand for Transportation Logistics has also increased in the past four years. “The trend in transportation logistics across all Internet job postings could likely be attributed to the increasing importance of automation in the transportation industry. More employers are therefore seeking applicants with transportation logistics experience or skills to prepare or advance their organisation in that aspect,”according to NCVER.

Emerging Skills Across All Job Postings

Over the past two years, demand for skills in Child Protection and Retail Industry Background have increased significantly, while demand for Adobe Photoshop and Graphic Design have decreased. “The emergence of child protection as a skill in Internet job postings is in line with the increasing focus on that policy area, as seen in initiatives such as the implementation of the Third Action Plan: 2015-2018 of the National Framework for protecting Australia’s children 2009-2020,” according to NCVER.

Additionally, the demand for Onboarding and Python skills has increased since 2016. Onboarding is the process of integrating new employees into an organisation or familiarizing a new customer/client with one’s products or services. Python is a programming language that emerged in 2015 across all internet job postings and particularly postings for jobs in the Financial and insurance services industry.

Trending Skills by Occupation

Job postings for Managers have increased the demand for skills in Transportation Logistics, Data Analysis, and Mental Health. “Mental health as a trending or emerging skill in internet job postings does not imply that employers are seeking applicants with good mental health, but are instead looking for those with a demonstrated high level knowledge of relevant accredited frameworks such as the National Standards for Mental Health Services, or have experience dealing with patients with mental health issues. Some examples of jobs requesting mental health are District Medical Officers, Clinical Director, Drug Health Program Officer, and Care Workers,” according to NCVER.

Additionally, Technicians and Trades Workers job postings have seen an increased demand for skills in Site Management, Traffic Management, Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis, and Power Generation.

Emerging Skills by Occupation

NCVER’s analysis found that Sales Workers are being asked for emerging skills such as Customer Complaint Resolution, Onboarding, and Public Relations. Meanwhile, Labourers are being asked for emerging skills such as Factory Industry Experience and Farm Management, while there has been a steep decline in the need for Restaurant Operations.

Git is an emerging skill in Internet job postings for Professionals and is within the top 100 most requested in 2017. Git is a free and open source distributed version control system – a tool to manage source code history. Some examples of internet job positions requesting Git are Front end developer, Full stack Java developer, Data science engineer and Senior iOS/Android developer.

Further Info

To learn more about trending and emerging skills in Australia, access NCVER’s public infographic and read their technical paper, Internet job Postings: Preliminary Skills Analysis.

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