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There are a lot of challenges facing military spouses—long separations, frequent moves, worry—but one of the major concerns is the impact on a spouses’ career. That’s why the Hiring Our Heroes project at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation is using Burning Glass Technologies data to identify the top careers for military spouses. The Hiring Our Heroes initiative is designed to help former service members find jobs in the civilian world, but the Chamber is also issuing a five-part series of reports on jobs that have promise for military spouses.

Why is it Difficult for Military Spouses to Build Careers? 

There’s a reason why there is an old military joke: if the service wanted you to have a spouse, they would have issued you one. Families can expect to move every two or three years. Many military bases are in rural areas where there aren’t a wide variety of jobs available. And when one spouse is deployed, the other both works and takes on more family responsibilities. These factors make it difficult for military spouses to find and keep jobs, much less build good careers.

Types of Careers in the Chamber Report 

In producing the analysis, we focused on careers that addressed those needs. For example, we put more weight on careers with flexible work schedules, opportunities for self-employment or to work from home, and where opportunities are located near military bases. In addition, these are careers that generally require less than five years of on-the-job training, and where a college degree is helpful but not always required. 

The first report focuses on the top 10 careers that do not require state licenses, but future lists will examine other possibilities, such as the best entry level jobs. 

The top 10 careers for military spouses that don’t require a license include:


OccupationNumber of jobs (2016)Projected 10-Year GrowthAverage Salary
Software Developer831,30031%$100,080
Market Research Analyst595,40023%$62,560
Human Resources Specialist547,8007%$59,180
Information Security Analyst100,00029%$92,600
Business Operations Specialist1,023,9009%$69,040
Web Developer162,90015%$66,130
Sales Manager385,5008%$117,960
Office Supervisor1,506,3003%$54,340
Property Real Estate Manager317,30010%$57,040
Civil Engineer303,50011%$83,540

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