Tool Box: How Has COVID-19 Made Racism More Rampant at Workplaces | Burning Glass Technologies

“Things are so grim that despite the US economy reviving, Black, Latinx, and Asian or Pacific Islander workers are being left behind as they struggle to secure a good job despite growing demands in the market.

Racism is much more complex than it appears to be. Broadly, there are two types of racism: direct racial discrimination, including racial slurs or jokes, harassment and bullying, and indirect racial discrimination, which includes job classification, promotions, and layoffs. The latter is more subtle and challenging to eliminate. We must understand the difference to be able to tackle the issue successfully.

Named Advancing Workforce Equitythe report, in collaboration with JPMorgan Chase, PolicyLink, the USC Equity Research Institute and Burning Glass Technologies, found racial inequalities decelerate the GDP, ranging from $33 billion in Seattle to $348 billion in the Bay area.”

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