Drive Strategic Workforce Planning with Evidence-Based Insights

Burning Glass Talent™

Drive evidence-based strategic workforce planning with real-time market insights
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Align Workforce Planning to Business Strategy

Burning Glass Talent allows you to make workforce planning an agile and evidence-based discipline.

Our solution enables corporations to discover, understand, and acquire the skills needed to acquire and develop your talent pool to successfully execute  the company’s business strategy.

With Burning Glass Talent, you can answer these questions:

  • Which skills are required to execute our strategic plan?
  • What emerging skills do I need to counteract market disruption?
  • What are my organization’s skills gaps?
  • What skills affect advertised salary and time to fill?
  • Where are the best locations to hire?
  • What companies are we competing with for the same skills?
  • How do we develop employee career paths that align with business strategy?
  • How can I identify hidden talent pools?

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The Problem We Solve

The increasing pace of innovation and the shortage of emerging skills have created an environment ripe for disruption.
This combination makes an unprepared company defenseless, generating real risk for the business to achieve its strategic plan.
Burning Glass Talent mitigates this risk, giving you the power to create a Strategic Workforce Plan that allows you to compare today’s talent with tomorrow’s needs. Supporting this plan, Burning Glass Talent enables insightful data and analysis to close any gaps so you can execute your company’s business plan.


With Our Solution, You Will

  • Quickly assess strategic execution readiness
  • Identify talent vulnerabilities as measured against industry and competition
  • Develop evidence-based workforce capabilities to support business strategy
  • Forcast, plan, and adapt to changing labor market conditions

Make Workforce Planning Decisions with Real-Time Evidence

The solution is built on the world’s largest database of jobs, skills, and labor market insights, providing evidence-based information, leading indicators, and market trends uncovered by the industry’s largest in-house data science team.

Develop Your Company’s Skills Roadmap

Inform the labor market of the skills required to execute strategic plans.  Keep operating models current by staying abreast of hiring trends and emerging developments.  Attract candidates that align to your business strategy and guide managers to make evidence-based hiring decisions.

Map Company Workforce Capabilities and Direction

Identify hidden talent pools, competitive market dynamics, optimal sourcing strategies, and future resource needs at the skills level, providing insight to make workforce decisions.

Support employee career paths that foster engagement and loyalty

Utilize skills data to define profiles, identify employee strengths, target learning opportunities, describe the connection between employee contribution and business strategy, and advertise future career path opportunities within the organization.

See How Talent Events Unfold and Competitive Forces Intertwine

Stay informed on the latest industry news and labor market trends with our talent newsfeed, which combines human capital management headlines with Burning Glass content, insight, and commentary based on real-time machine learning.


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