SIA: UK – Majority of Workers Expect Job Market to be Worse This Year | Burning Glass Technologies

“Almost two thirds, or 65%, of workers in the UK expect the job market to be worse in 2021 than it was in 2020, according to a report from City & Guilds Group, YouGov and Burning Glass Technologies.

The research also showed that 34% of employees want to change careers while 16% understand exactly how their skills would be useful in another career.

According to the report, it would appear many workers lack the confidence and know-how when it comes to recognising the potential of transferable skills as a route to changing careers. 32% of those surveyed had no idea where else their current skillset might be useful and, when asked to consider changing careers to move into new industries, 34% were concerned about starting over again, 21% said they lacked knowledge of other sectors, and 19% expressed an overall lack of confidence.”

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