Tortora Brayda: Robust Solutions Identified to Close the Human Talent Gap in Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence | Burning Glass Technologies

Tortora Brayda Partnership Excellence, a non-profit international think tank for multi-stakeholder partnership development, today announced the expert report resulting from their Council Summit on The human talent gap in Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence.

In the light of the recent cybersecurity breaches, and the concerns that follow from a national security perspective, the crisis in the human talent gap in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence must remain at the top of every agenda. Despite many initiatives already undertaken by a variety of organizations, the problem seems to be escalating. Cyber-attacks like the recent Solar Winds event attributed to Russian Intelligence reveal how vulnerable our structures are.

We can give people detailed and actionable recommendations for what steps they can take and what skills and credentials they can develop in order to qualify for these jobs and unlock more opportunities in both cybersecurity and AI.”, said Will Markow, Managing Director, Burning Glass Technologies.”

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