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Internships 2015

No Experience Necessary? The State of American Internships 2015

No Experience Necessary? The State of American Internships 2015

For many college-educated Americans, an internship is the first step on the career ladder. Internships have become a key talent pipeline for employers, so where students intern and how well they perform can have a lasting impact on their career prospects.

For the second year, Burning Glass Technologies has used its ability to collect and analyze job postings to better understand the market for internships. Overall, we analyzed 214,953 U.S. internships posted online during 2014. Based on those postings, we found that employers have definite ideas about what interns should bring to the workplace.

  • Interns need to have specific skill sets just to get in the door. Employers are quite particular about the skills interns need to have, often demanding expertise in specific software programs, advanced technical capabilities like risk management, or fields like market research and social media.
  • Manufacturing, retail, and professional services dominate the internship market, accounting for 40% of all postings.
  • Most internships are still aimed at undergraduates, but Science and IT Development postings are increasingly reserved for graduate students.
  • Todays interns are tomorrows employees, and in some industries account for a substantial percentage of all entry level job postings.
  • The 2015 internship season got off to a fast start. Preliminary data suggests early internship recruiting outpaced the five-year average.

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