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The Growth of Cybersecurity Jobs

The Growth of Cybersecurity Jobs, 2014

Here, we take a look at cybersecurity job postings over time and provide analysis of the supply/demand gap in this critical emerging sector. Our research reveals that the demand for cybersecurity jobs is large and growing, with demand outstripping supply.

The Market for Cybersecurity Jobs is Large and Growing

  • In 2013, there were 209,749 postings for cybersecurity-related jobs nationally. Cybersecurity jobs account for nearly 10% of all IT jobs.
  • Cybersecurity postings have grown 74% from 2007-2013. This growth rate is over 2x faster than all IT jobs.


Demand for Cybersecurity Talent is Outstripping Supply

  • Cybersecurity job postings took 24% longer to fill than all IT job postings and 36% longer than all job postings.
  • The demand for cybersecurity talent appears to be outstripping supply. In the US, employers posted 50,000 jobs requesting CISSP, recruiting from a pool of only 60,000 CISSP holders.


Cybersecurity Jobs Offer Increased Salaries

  • On average, cybersecurity salaries offer a premium of over $15,000 over the salaries for IT jobs overall.


About Our Data

Our counts of cybersecurity jobs come from analysis of actual job postings. Burning Glass generates job posting data by visiting over 32,000 online jobs sites to collect online postings. Using proprietary text analytics, over 70 data fields are extracted from each posting, including job title, occupation, employer, industry, required skills, credentials and salary. Postings are then deduplicated and placed in a database for further analysis. This report classifies cybersecurity jobs as those which have a cybersecurity-related title, require a cybersecurity certification or request cybersecurity specific skills. Cybersecurity related titles used to define the roles analyzed in this report include “network security”, “information security”, “information assurance”, and “penetration tester”. Cybersecurity skills include information assurance, cryptography, computer forensics, malware analysis, 800-53, and ArcSight. Cybersecurity certifications include CISSP, CISA, Security+, CISM, and more.