COVID-19 Labor Market Analysis

COVID-19: The Pandemic's Impact on Jobs

Researching the Impact of COVID-19 Using Labor Insight

Learn how to use Labor Insight to understand the unprecedented impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the job market in your region or industry. We will discuss the reports available on Labor Insight, what we have already seen in the market, and the best practices for analyzing data in the short term. Watch the recording […]

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Measuring the Impact of COVID-19 on the UK Labour Market

A new study by Burning Glass Technologies found that UK job adverts have dropped 63% during the coronavirus pandemic. In this webinar, our research experts will share their findings on UK job postings data and explain how they used Labour Insight™ to gather these findings. Watch the recording here.

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Tracking COVID-19’s Impact on the Labor Market

The coronavirus pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on the world economy. Burning Glass Technologies is using its database of more than a billion current and historical job postings to measure this economic shock and how it affects the job market. We’ll be updating this page frequently with the latest data.


Free download of open jobs dataOpen Data: Download Data Tracking COVID-19 Impact in Six Countries

Burning Glass Technologies is making high-level, aggregated job postings data public to enable researchers to track the economic impact on job markets. The data will include weekly and monthly counts of job postings online in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The data are available overall and by industry or occupation. Get the data now.


New Report on ‘Lifeboat Jobs’

Even in the depths of the pandemic’s economic shock, there are jobs that can serve as “lifeboats” for at least some of those who have lost work. In this report Burning Glass sets out a strategy for US workforce agencies to identify and move people into these jobs. Get the report on Filling the Lifeboats: Getting America Back to Work after the Pandemic.


Opportunity Insights Economic Tracker logoBurning Glass Technologies is proud to be a data partner for the Opportunity Insights Economic Tracker, bringing together economic, public health, and education data vital for measuring the impact of the pandemic.


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