Research Event: Liberal Arts in the Job Market | Burning Glass Technologies

Can a liberal arts degree pay off in the job market? Burning Glass Technologies and the American Enterprise Institute will hold an event Feb. 2 that shows these degrees can pay off, if graduates add the right skill sets.

Burning Glass and AEI have partnered on two studies that examine the job market value of the associate’s of arts degree (usually granted by community colleges) and the bachelor’s degree in liberal arts fields. Findings from both studies will be discussed during an event and panel discussion in Washington, which will be streamed live on the AEI website.

In “Saving the Associate’s of Arts Degree: How an AA Degree Can Become a Better Path to Labor Market Success,” Burning Glass CEO Matt Sigelman and AEI Visiting Scholar Mark Schneider find that graduates with associate’s of arts degrees make less in the job market than those who get an associate’s in a technical field. To be fair, the associate’s of arts is designed as a transfer degree for students who want to proceed on to a four-year college. But for those who do not transfer, there is little job market demand for the A.A. degree (only about 32,000 job postings specifically requested an A.A. degree in 2017). But the report identified a number of strategies to align liberal arts in the job market with labor market demands and add skills that enhance their value.

A preview of the upcoming followup study on the bachelor’s degree in liberal arts in the job market will also be given during the session.

The session will be streamed live on the AEI website at 9:15 a.m. ET Feb. 2. In addition, you can follow the discussion on social media with the hashtag #SavingtheLiberalArts. In addition to the discussion with Sigelman and Schneider, there will be a panel discussion on the implications of the report.

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