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Get your community back to work in a post-COVID world.

Access the most up-to-date labor market data to efficiently guide workers to relevant, in-demand jobs in your community today.

What Can the Workforce Command Center™ Tell Me About the Job Market?

With millions of workers displaced by the pandemic, workforce agencies need a tool that can provide guidance to reskill and upskill unemployed workers, setting them on a new, promising career path that can strengthen the economy. With the Workforce Command Center™, you can find answers to the following questions:

  • Which jobs and employers are struggling in my community, and what other opportunities do their workers already have the skills to pursue?
  • Which jobs and industries are most successful in my community, and what skills would unemployed workers need to join them?
  • How do I design career pathways for unemployed and underemployed workers?
  • How do I reach out to local training providers to think about which programs to scale and grow?

How to Accomplish Short-Term Economic Goals with the Workforce Command Center

Use the Workforce Command Center™ to view available job postings to see which employers and industries are hiring today. Based on workers’ past occupations, identify transferable skills and recommend career paths to connect them with relevant, in-demand jobs. The Workforce Command Center™ has a user-friendly dashboard to help you find the latest labor market trends, unemployment information, and the occupations, industries, and employers hiring in any location.


How to Accomplish Long-Term Economic Goals with the Workforce Command Center

Once recovery is underway, it will be important to work on long-term goals to ensure your economy properly adapts to the “new normal.” With the Workforce Command Center™, you can easily identify the right training programs to be grown and scaled to help workers learn new skills for the post-COVID world. Understand which industries have the most promising opportunities to boost your economy and get more employees back to work. View and track workers’ skills to match them with those industries or upskill them to ensure they fit.

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