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All your programs, all matched to careers, all in one place.

Make confident, data-driven decisions about your program portfolio with Program Insight™. Leverage career, competition, and institution data to monitor the health of your entire program portfolio, evaluate current & planned programs, and uncover new opportunities.

Set up your programs – and your students – for success.

Make confident, data-driven decisions about your academic program portfolio with Program Insight™. Get an executive overview of your entire portfolio so that you can compare and evaluate offerings, validate existing and proposed programs, and uncover new opportunities all within one easy-to-use platform.

Program Insight has comprehensive data on careers, competition, and the composition of your offerings. With instant access to this information, you will be able to efficiently build and maintain a portfolio of in-demand programs and certificates that will prepare your graduates for career success.

Discover how Program Insight™ can transform program and certificate planning for your institution.

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Get the data you need, when and how you need it.

Only Program Insight™ combines Burning Glass’s real-time career database – the world’s largest and most sophisticated jobs and talent database – with public data sources, including the Bureau of Labor Statistics and IPEDS, to link all of your programs and certificates directly to real jobs and skills in the labor market. Stop waiting for lengthy, single-program reports that are out of date before they even hit your desk. Start getting interactive reports that provide the exact level of detail you need, exactly when you need it – or easily export data for an even deeper dive. From deans and presidents to program managers and institutional researchers, Program Insight™ provides truly actionable insights for optimizing your academic portfolio.

  • Show your graduates how your  programs directly connect with real-world career outcomes
  • Spend less time compiling and organizing data, and more time perfecting your portfolio
  • Streamline academic planning, from program research to launch to review to sunset
  • Quickly create and download reports for leadership, state agencies, and accreditors

Portfolio: Manage the overall health of your programs.

How can you see your entire program and certificate portfolio, compare key performance data across the department or institution, and identify gaps or overlaps—without needing a major time investment from a full team of analysts? Program Insight™’s Portfolio tool is your answer. Just a few clicks are all it takes to see which programs have promise – and which still need work.

Validate: Maintain and launch the right programs for today’s learners.

Program Insight™’s Validate tool is the key to evaluating your current offerings to decide which ones should be maintained, updated, or retired. If you need a trusted source to help you identify which new programs to launch and the most effective go-to-market strategies to use,  Validate provides a step-by-step framework to ensure your catalog continues to attract learners in today’s competitive, ever-changing market.

Explore: Discover new revenue opportunities for your institution.

Sometimes the biggest opportunities are the hardest to find. Not anymore, thanks to  Program Insight™’s Explore tool. By bringing together competitive landscape information and real-time labor market data, Program Insight empowers you to discover your next successful program or certificate launch.

Benefits of Portfolio:

  • Get a up-to-date information about your institution’s programs in one  centralized location
  • Leverage built-in scorecards to quickly assess programs, or use your own custom performance indicators
  • Encourage alignment across multiple departments with a uniform set of evaluation metrics
  • Proactively identify struggling programs and opportunities for expansion

Benefits of Validate:

  • Map programs of study to current and projected job openings, salaries, and other career outcomes
  • Understand local employers’ needs and pain points, plus identify internship opportunities
  • Ensure programs teach the skills your graduates will need to succeed in their chosen careers
  • Examine the local market to see how crowded it is and understand who your competitors are

Benefit of Explore:

  • Find the best opportunities that are aligned with your institution’s strategy and top priorities
  • Investigate the local market and find the most promising areas for new programs
  • Understand trade-offs between different program or certificate options
  • Pinpoint the opportunities that warrant further investigation

Program Insight™ empowers educational institutions to:

Easily assess and benchmark program portfolio health
Use frameworks to effectively evaluate program and certificate potential to make informed go-to-market decisions
Collaborate and communicate research with stakeholders
Manage your current portfolio of offerings alongside pipeline and research
Discover new program and certificate areas to expand into

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