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Alumni Analysis 

Track your alumni outcomes with Alumni Analysis, a premium add-on available for Labor Insight™

Alumni Analysis, a new premium add-on dashboard available for Labor Insight™, tracks graduate career outcomes based on the Burning Glass Technologies database of millions of resumes and current social profiles to provide institutions with accurate, real-time data on alumni’s career pathways. Alumni Analysis can enable your institution to:
  • Communicate the value of your programs
  • Target alumni and new prospects for lifelong learning opportunities
  • Gain insight on new programs to develop to serve your graduates
  • Understand the effectiveness of your programs
  • Enhance career services

Demonstrate The Value of Your Programs and Enhance Marketing Initiatives 

By showcasing how alumni succeed in their careers, institutions can increase enrollments by creating targeted campaigns to attract prospective first-year students and alumni for further education.

Understand Alumni Careers With Precision  

Burning Glass best-in-class occupation taxonomies provide institutions with the most detailed analysis of alumni occupations and skills to make data-driven decisions about programs and initiatives at their institution.

Develop New Programs and Improve Program Alignment 

The Alumni Dashboard can give program developers insight into alumni career outcomes, enabling institutions to create new, in-demand programs and spot new opportunities in their current programs.


Measure Program Efficacy

Assess if graduates are landing jobs in their field of study to validate programs for efficacy, accreditation, and stakeholders.

Strengthen Career Services

See the top industries and organizations that employ graduates and strengthen relationships with them to provide internships and other opportunities for students.

With Alumni Dashboard, educators can:

See the top current occupations of alumni
View the state and metro areas alumni are working in
View the top industries and top employers alumni are working for
Access the Career Outcomes Report to see which occupation families alumni were employed in at one, three, and five years after graduation
Gain insight into alumni's further education paths

Get data-driven insight from the world’s premier job market analytics source.

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Use Cases

Rochester Institute of Technology
How RIT Online used Labor Insight and Program Insight to research broader labor market needs, identify program gaps, and tailor its marketing strategy. VIEW CASE STUDY
Dallas County Community College District
DCCCD Dallas County Community College District and Eastfield College realign programs, create opportunities, and drive enrollment using labor market data. VIEW CASE STUDY
University of South Florida
USF asked Burning Glass to analyze 65 academic programs and assess how its current curriculum was preparing graduating students for the local labor market. VIEW CASE STUDY
Northern Illinois University
NIU case study How Northern Illinois University used Burning Glass data to help its graduate students pursue their professional aspirations and secure jobs. VIEW CASE STUDY

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