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DEI Insight

A Data-Driven Approach to Finding & Building Talent and Setting Benchmarks

DEI Insight™ empowers companies to benchmark gender and racial diversity in their workforce and take action to build stronger and more inclusive teams.

DEI Insight™ provides the data needed to evaluate and create an action plan to build and retain strong, inclusive teams in your organization. Benchmark your company against other firms, identify untapped pools of diverse talent, shape upskilling and promotion strategies, and enable your organization to attract and retain the best talent.


Get deep insight into your workforce’s gender, racial, and ethnic representation, allowing you to benchmark, set actionable goals, and highlight disparities company-wide or for specific locations, business units, or functions.


Expand your talent pool by identifying new and diverse talent, including data-driven insights on wider search opportunities, data on untapped talent pools, and the ability to identify specific potential candidates in ways tailored to each role and location.



The Talent Atlas maps your company’s gender, racial, and ethnic diversity across job levels, functions, business lines, and locations in order to highlight reservoirs and deficits of diverse talent and to identify the best upskilling and promotion pipelines.


Understand and benchmark relative retention rates of the diverse talent in your company. This key metric will enable you to analyze the success of inclusion initiatives.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Insights for Human Resource Professionals


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