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Make choosing a career easy
for your students

Career Insight empowers higher education institutions to increase enrollment rates and grow theibrand by speaking to what matters most to traditional aged students and working learners: getting a good job and a successful career

Career Insight

Finding the right career, and field of study, can be difficult.

Career Insight makes it easy for students to choose. Simply show prospects and students the future careers they can have. Better yet, show them how your programs will get them there.

Benefits for Enrollment/Admission Teams:

✓ Increase applications
✓ Increase enrollments
✓ Strengthen student interest in specific college
✓ Communicate return on investment to prospects
✓ Inspire students to follow through after enrollment

Benefits for Marketing Teams:

✓ Increase qualified leads
✓ Increase conversion rates
✓ Improve brand awareness
✓ Lower bounce rates
✓ Create personalized, targeted campaigns

The Student Experience

The Career Insight tool is embedded on your website, accessible on mobile or desktop. Students begin by walking through a user-friendly questionnaire to define their personal motivations, interests, and skillsCareer Insight then presents real career opportunities that students can achieve based on your institution’s programs of study and allows students to explore all your programs to find what best fits their interests.

Career Insight helps answer your prospective students’ top questions like:

– What jobs can I get after I graduate?

– How high of a salary can I earn in a specific career?

– Do you have any programs that relate to my personal interests and goals?

Career Insight step-by-step walkthrough:

To try Career Insight yourself, simply follow the steps below. Students can access this user-friendly tool directly on your website to quickly understand the opportunities and return on investment available to them based on the education your institution provides.

  1.    Click “Try Career Insight” below to get started
  2.    Select a specific location to see how the salary and demand for the job changes
  3.    Choose a specific career, either ‘Network & Systems Support’ or ‘Network & Systems Engineering’ to see specific job titles
  4.    Choose ‘learn more’ under any job title to take a deeper dive into the job
  5.    See the national projected growth, needed skills, suggested programs of study, and more!


Webinar Recording:

Best Strategies to Increase Enrollment Rates
and Beat the Summer Melt

Key Features of the Student Experience

Guided Pathway

How do prospective students know what they want to study? Sometimes, they don’t. So, Career Insight helps them figure it out. 

By answering a few simple questions, Career Insight instantly provides realistic career recommendations to students based on their skills, priorities, and the specific programs your institution offers. 

Program Search

Based on Career Insight’s recommendations, prospects can choose which jobs are most appealing to them, and remove any that aren’t

Prospects can then search your program directory to dig deeper into their area of interest and see possible career pathways to better understand why they should choose your institution over the competition.

 Actionable Insights

Career Insight captures lead information whenever a prospect downloads their personalized report from Career Insight. The report summarizes the following:

  • Their top career matches
  • The programs they want to pursue
  • Potential job titles and salaries
  • Job market demand for these positions

These details allow your marketing and sales team to create tailored follow-up content for each prospect, increasing the chances of enrollment.

Want to super-charge your enrollment marketing campaigns?

Career Insight’s customizable interface can match the look and feel of your website while setting your institution apart from the competition. Create powerful website call to actions as well as marketing campaigns, and then follow up with prospective students based on their individual interests and aspirations. Don’t wait, start increasing your enrollment rates today!

Real Time Student Analytic Reports

Career Insight is a great tool for advisors and career counselors. Staff can work with undecided students to help them discover career opportunities. Then, they can advise which programs the student should take in order to reach their career goal.

Do you have students who already know what career they want? Career Insight is great for that too. Staff can use the Conversion Resources feature to show students which local jobs are available along with the specific employers who are hiring.

Key Features of the Student Analytic Reports

Conversion Dashboard

Your marketing team can learn more about your prospects by analyzing the interests, goals, and backgrounds of Career Insight visitors. Use this info to create more targeted, effective marketing materials and recruitment programs for your audiences.  

Career Connections

Starting with a prospect’s career aspirations, you can use powerful, interactive reports to show how your programs can lead to real-world career success, from building the skills employers want most to increasing their salary or advancement potential.

Conversion Resources

Admissions counsellors can work with students to show them which local jobs are available, who’s hiring, and what skills students need to apply. Counsellors can also use local labor market data to engage with prospective students and guide them through the sales funnel. 

Career Insight Implementation

Map Labor Market Information to Your Programs

To map your programs to Career Insight, simply upload your program catalog to Career Insight via a CSV file. Career Insight contains a custom-built CIP crosswalk and content tagger that make it easy to link programs to occupations. And once the initial mappinis done, you can adjust, add, or delete programs and occupations as needed directly in Career Insight.

Where Does the Data Come From?

Every day, Burning Glass analyzes over 40,000 online resumes and job descriptions to identify which jobs employers are hiring for, and the skill requirements they need.

Burning Glass’ data is automatically linked to Career Insight’s tool, which is also mapped to your institution’s programs of study. So once a prospective student completes a Career Insight questionnaire, they’re presented with real career opportunities based on your institution’s programs of study and real-world data.

Easy Installation

Career Insight is a widget that can be embedded directly onto your website. Let your prospects explore the careers they can get, and the programs that will get them there. Only Career Insight uses the most up-to-date information on today’s job market to show real career paths that students can pursue. Career Insight meets web accessibility standards for WCAG 2.1AA compliance.

In the backend, Career Insight collects and analyzes your website’s visitor data, giving your marketing and advising teams valuable insights to help enroll more students.

How can Career Insight set your students up for success and
improve your enrollment rates?

Request a personalized demo for your school.

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