More prospects. More applications. More learners on the path to career success.

Career Insight™ helps institutions improve enrollment yield by leveraging labor market data in program marketing. It presents career outcomes associated with programs of study in an intuitive and personalized user experience. Learner data is aggregated in a embedded web platform for use by marketing managers and admissions counselors in lead conversion.

Support program enrollment with insightful career data.

Transform questions about career outcomes into compelling reasons to enroll with Career Insight. Through a custom application on your institution’s website, prospective students can discover their dream jobs, explore career outcomes, and see how your programs can help them get on the path to career success. At the same time, Career Insight collects and analyzes your website’s visitor data to give your marketing and advising teams actionable insights about potential enrollees.

Only Career Insight uses Burning Glass’s real-time job market data to show the real, in-demand career paths students can pursue with your programs.

Have questions? Career Insight delivers data-driven answers.

Every day, your prospective students ask…

“Can you help me explore my career options?”

“Do you offer any programs that match my interests or goals?”

“What kind of career outcomes could I expect after graduation?”

Career Insight provides prospective students with an easy, intuitive way to browse your online program catalog based on their career aspirations – giving them immediate, personalized answers to their top career education questions.

  • Guided Pathway: Based on an individual’s skill set and priorities, a custom-built recommendation engine helps prospects discover new career options, the skills needed for those jobs, and your specific programs of study that will help prepare them for their next big career move.
  • Program Search: Prospective students can enter the jobs they’re most interested in and find the programs in your catalog that match, along with the career outcomes they could expect after graduating from those programs based on current labor market data.
  • Pulse Shots: Prospects get a personalized report showing their top career matches and the programs they need to pursue them, alongside potential job titles and salaries – plus the demand for those positions – to help drive them toward enrollment, all right from your institution’s website. (And all while boosting name capture for your marketing team, too!)


Every day, staff at your institution ask…

“How do I attract more prospective students to my institution?”

“Is there an easy way to show how my programs can lead to career success?”

“What can I do to increase applications and enrollment in my programs?”

Career Insight aggregates real-time data from multiple sources and turns it into quick, clear answers for your marketing, recruitment, enrollment, and admissions teams.

  • Conversion Dashboard: You can learn more about your prospective students by exploring the interests, goals, and backgrounds of your website visitors, empowering you to create more targeted, more effective marketing materials and recruitment programs.
  • Career Connections: Starting with a prospect’s career aspirations, you can use powerful, interactive reports to show how your programs can lead to real-world career success, from building the skills employers want most to increasing their salary or advancement potential.
  • Conversion Resources: Your admissions counsellors can access real-time labor market information and other resources to better guide prospective students through the conversion funnel.


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