What Makes a Company Innovative? Hiring for Cutting-Edge Skills

One of the best ways of identifying an innovative company is to look at its hiring, a concept the Drucker Institute used to develop the new edition of the Wall Street Journal Management Top 250.

The Drucker Institute has done ratings of the top companies in America since 2012, based on the principles of the late management guru Peter Drucker. But this is the first time Drucker has used Burning Glass Technologies data as part of their methodology.

The institute assesses companies on five different aspects of management: Customer Satisfaction, Employee Engagement and Development, Innovation, Social Responsibility, and Financial Strength. To calculate its innovation score, Drucker used Burning Glass data about hiring for a list of cutting-edge skills, including the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, fintech, autonomous vehicles, artificial/virtual reality, blockchain, drone technology, mobile payment technology, robotics, and 3-D printing.

The hiring data showed that many of the leaders in these fields are not actually in the tech industry, as you might expect. The Wall Street Journal used Burning Glass data as a source in its companion story Tech Companies Aren’t the Only Ones Hiring for Tech Workers, and found examples such as:

  • Johnson & Johnson is investing in 3-D printing talent, because of the technology’s ability to produce custom orthopedics.
  • Allstate is hiring expertise in self-driving cars, as the company researches the insurance implications of autonomous vehicles.
  • The global real-estate firm JLL is hiring for the Internet of Things and robotics to make their warehouses and buildings more efficient.

You are who you hire, and real-time job posting data drawn from sources like Labor Insight™ can provide insight into corporate decision making. Using this data can allow employers to understand their own talent pool, benchmark themselves against competitors, and identify new and emerging skills.

Top employers for selected emerging skills, July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018

Internet of Things 
DTE Energy Co1,366
General Electric Co1,087
Autonomous Vehicles 
Nvidia Corp876
General Motors Company477
Intel Corp162
Amazon.com Inc1,435
General Electric Co909

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