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Data in Action: Real-Time Job Data Case Study

Hireology: Smart Hiring Requires Smart Technology

The Client


The Challenge

Making better use of applicant data

The Solution

Powerful analytic tools to parse and search resumes


Burning Glass’s LENS™ suite helps businesses find the talent they need more quickly, effectively, and at reduced cost. LENS™ analytic tools can be integrated into existing applicant tracking systems to help businesses identify applicants with relevant skills, match job descriptions to resumes, and make smarter hires. This case study describes how one company has embedded LENS technology within its talent acquisition platform to improve hiring across multiple industries.

“Our goal is to deliver the most valuable outcome for our customer: hiring the right person. Everything we can do to make that outcome less work for the customer is a win.”

Michael Shulman

Product Manager, Hireology

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The Client: Hireology

Launched in 2010, Hireology offers technology solutions that support the hiring process for companies with limited human resource capacity. The firm’s primary clients are automotive dealerships and other franchise systems, where business owners typically receive everything they need “out of the box” from the parent company—except for talent management tools and expertise. Hireology provides a suite of tools that guide hiring managers through each stage of the process—from screening job candidates to conducting background checks—helping them find the right people for the right positions with less time and effort.

The Challenge: Make Better Use of Applicant Data

A critical early step in the hiring process is applicant screening. Hireology has built a user-friendly applicant tracking system to process incoming resumes, but several customers wanted more: They needed a way to search through applicant data more efficiently. These “power users,” who typically have multiple, similar positions to fill on a regular basis, needed a way to quickly scan accumulated resumes, matching applicants to their particular criteria. To address this need, Hireology had two choices: 1) build out a more sophisticated search component or 2) find an outside technology that could be smoothly integrated into the existing system.

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The Solution: Powerful Analytic Tools to Parse and Search Resumes

Developing a new technology in-house would have been a major investment, resources that Hireology’s leaders felt could be better spent in the company’s areas of strength. After learning more about the capabilities of the LENS™ tools—particularly LENS Xray™, which parses resume data, and LENS™ Search, which enables users to zoom in on the talent they need based upon a range of criteria—Hireology decided to partner with Burning Glass to integrate its advanced analytics into Hireology’s tracking system.

A Deeper Dive into Applicant Data

Today, when businesses purchase Hireology’s platform, they get a sophisticated interface that combines the strengths of Hireology’s human resources expertise with Burning Glass’s powerful analytics. The integrated technology allows users to more fully leverage the data in their system to find qualified job candidates. Features include:

  • Resume parsing: Each time a business receives a new resume, LENS™ software parses the full array of information, using natural-language technology to analyze and interpret the raw document, identifying and tagging key fields and then adding normalized values for criteria like location, years of work experience, and industry. That information is then stored in the Hireology tracking system.
  • Advanced searches: When hiring managers are ready to screen resumes, they can search by keyword, location, education level, years of experience, date applied, or position sought—or by a combination of terms—and quickly pull up any resume in the system that matches those criteria.
  • More qualified candidates: In the past, hiring managers would typically only see resumes submitted for a particular position. Now, they can look across all resumes in their system, using keywords and other search criteria to identify qualified candidates who applied to a similar position last month, to a different position with overlapping requirements, or to another franchise location.

With this added capacity, Hireology customers are able to make better use of their full applicant database, finding not only more but also better matches across a larger pool of candidates. For example, a larger auto dealership with a dozen locations and thousands of candidates per year, would find this search functionality invaluable. Now, a hiring manager can look across the entire recent applicant pool for candidates with experience as a service technician. The system will identify not only the 30 qualified applicants who actually applied to that specific position but also 20 more candidates who are equally suited but may have applied to a different position or to a posting at a nearby location. The result: a more efficient system and more accurate matches earlier in the screening process.

A Growing Partnership

Hireology is already seeing an impact of the partnership on business performance. When the product team enters into conversations with potential customers, they feel confident in promising an applicant tracking system with exceptional search capabilities. Product Manager Michael Shulman says, “With the LENS™ suite technology, we’re able to deliver that feature to anyone who comes to us.”

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