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Labor Insight Version 5.5

✓ New features
✓ More Data
✓ Deeper Insights

Introducing the New Labor Insight

A new, customizable home page includes all the reports you need to understand the labor market.

Demographic Data

Demographic data such as age, gender, education level, and more are now available, along with all the other regional information on jobs and skills included in Labor Insight.

  • Improve workforce planning strategies and community outreach
  • Design programs tailored to regional needs
  • Foresee and prevent upcoming job gaps

Everything You Need to Know About an Occupation

Get the most detailed information on any occupation. See the unique skills needed for an occupation, learn which skills carry a salary premium, and more.

  • Teach skills that will make students and workers more marketable (and earn more money!)
  • See the top employers and industries where occupations are needed most
  • Enhance curricula to include new and in demand skills

Find Related Jobs, Easily

Labor Insight just made it even easier to identify jobs that build on a person’s current job or skill set.

  • Quickly find new jobs for displaced workers
  • Help students explore jobs they can get with their new skill set
  • Find jobs for employees to easily transfer to within a company

Dig Deeper into Occupations

Analyze occupations at a much more granular level. For instance, companies can research if their competition is hiring a Digital Marketing Manager rather than a general Marketing Manager.

  • Get greater insight into competitors’ strategy
  • Improve talent planning
  • Provide better career advice to mid-career workers

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