Jobs for Veterans: Test the New App Using Burning Glass Data | Burning Glass Technologies

One of the things a veteran needs most when coming home from the service is a job—and a new IBM app using Burning Glass Technologies data is designed to help.

The new app, Get Results in Transition, or GRIT, is part of a larger effort by the Department of Veterans Affairs to help veterans deal with the stresses of transitioning back to civilian life. IMBiX says the app is “the first branded digital solution dedicated to helping populations who live under considerable stress and/or are going through a significant life transition like leaving the military.”

GRIT uses Burning Glass jobs data and APIs, combined with IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence technology and military occupation codes, to provide job matches for veterans, active-duty service members, and reservists.

The app takes a holistic approach, including features on mental health, social connection, finding housing and other issues. Besides Burning Glass, other participating organizations include organizations including Easter Seals, the Cohen Network, the Wounded Warrior Project, American Warrior Partnership and the National Guard. A major goal of GRIT is to stem the problem of veteran suicide, which claims an average of 20 former service people a day. By addressing the wide range of challenges returning veterans face, the VA and IBM hope that transitions will become easier for all veterans.

IBM is recruiting veterans for a field test of the app, which will run through November. If you’re a veteran who wants to participate, you can visit