Institution of Mechanical Engineers: How can we address the skills needs within the Engineering and Manufacturing sector? | Burning Glass Technologies

“Our recent report ‘Building Bridges Towards Future Jobs,’ which was created in collaboration with the global labour market trends experts, Burning Glass Technologies, highlights the urgent need for the government to act now and refocus funding and support towards adults who need to reskill into new careers.

According to analysis by Burning Glass, it appears that despite many employers currently reducing their workforces, there are still jobs that can serve as ‘steps into’ for some of the workers who are no longer in employment. The report highlights how people can move easily into these ‘step into’ roles. By using their knowledge of how different occupations overlap in terms of education, experience and skills required, Burning Glass were able to suggest pathways for those who are in occupations that are currently experiencing large declines in demand, known as ‘at risk occupations,’ to what we call ‘step into roles’. We refer to ‘step into’ roles as jobs that can serve as a progression route into a new career for those who have lost work, and that allows them to build upon existing skills.”

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