Human Capital Management

Aligning Talent with Business Objectives

Strategic Workforce Planning and Talent Shaping

Burning Glass Technologies allows Human Capital Management executives, Senior Human Resources administrators and Chief Talent Officers to drive enterprise strategy by providing unmatched real-time labor market analytics to workforce planning, talent acquisition, and learning and development teams.  We enable you to optimize your workforce, pivot against disruptive forces, build talent shaping capabilities and execute against your organization’s strategic plan.

With our new Burning Glass Talent™ solution, you will:

  • Quickly see your workforce capabilities and direction
  • Benchmark your talent to the labor market
  • Shape your workforce to align to your business strategy and minimize competitive threats
  • Develop and execute market-optimized talent acquisition strategies
  • Understand workforce impact of talent buy, borrow, or build decisions
  • Predict emerging market talent trends that impact strategy
  • Optimize differentiated talent mix models
  • Provide information to engage employees with individualized training plans and career paths that align with corporate direction
  • Measure and track the impact of talent efforts to guide investment
  • We provide real-time detailed analytics of the labor market so you can employ an evidence-based approach to building organizational strategy.

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Align tactics with vision

Realize the following benefits when combining our real-time labor market data and predictive analytics with your internal company data.

  • Build, develop, and retain the talent pool required to execute strategic plans.  Using our proprietary skills taxonomy created directly from market information, you can understand skills gaps in the current workforce, provide training opportunities for those gaps, uncover feeder and adjacent jobs to cover gaps, find hidden talent pools, and maximize the acquisition process to find the right candidate quickly.
  • Uncover market and competitive insights.  Stay informed of the latest industry news and labor market trends and research competitor evolving strategies, hiring practices, and skills-level expertise.
  • Foster employee engagement.  Implement training opportunities and career paths where each employee knows his or her contribution to current company needs while also developing a career path to contribute to the future success of the business.
  • Discover relationships between concepts described within the labor market.  Reduce costs and improve time-to-productivity by improving how you engage with the labor market.  For example, you can connect job needs with candidates, identify top and emerging skills for a given occupation, compare your core competencies with those of the industry, and research subject-specific segmentation such as geography, salary, experience, and more.
Human capital management
JobPulse: Labor Market Dashboard for Human Capital Management Powered by Burning Glass

How it works

Burning Glass Technologies has created unmatched technology that collects, mines and codes millions of job postings from close to 40,000 online sources daily and creates a structured, standardized database language (i.e., taxonomy) to support quick access analytics from our data warehouse.

Our proprietary taxonomy and unrivaled system processes standardize and curate detailed skills, experience, and credential data that is continually changing and varies by local region.

We use our expertise in labor market information to add curated indices into the database, which help drive decision support workflow that connects the data with strategic decisions.

Our analytics warehouse is real-time market intelligence that helps us uncover and assess employer needs, candidate gaps, industry trends, and labor market issues that supports our go-to-market products and services.

We have a 21st century economy. Why do we have a 20th century labor market?

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