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Research Solutions for Higher Education

Align your institution’s program offerings with the needs of the workforce and drive increased enrollment with custom research and consulting from Burning Glass Technologies. Our Applied Research team can quantify the supply and demand for emerging jobs and skills, forecast future workforce needs in your region, and provide compelling data to inform new program development and support your marketing and outreach initiatives.  

Our Featured Research

Good Jobs in Bad Times 

This white paper shares insights from prominent higher-education journalist and strategist Jeffery Selingo, along with the CEO of Burning Glass, Matt Sigelman, on how institutions are reshaping their approach to ensure student success post-graduation. Read more to learn how to align academic offerings with the post-pandemic job market, all outlined in four key steps.  


Bad Bets: The High Cost of Failing Programs 

In this report, Burning Glass analyzes the conferral rate of new programs launched to assess the success of new program offerings and underscore the significant cost of programs that underperform. This report also explores how institutions can use labor market data to create intentional programs to produce more conferrals and cover the cost of new program creation 


View from the School House 

In this report, Buring Glass Technologies and American Student Assistance examines the attitudes of K-12 teachers on incorporating high-demand new foundational skills in the curriculum. This report looks at the skills being taught and the landscape of the educational opportunities in different demographics.   



Our custom solutions enable your institution to develop, enhance, and market program offerings with solutions such as 

  • Demand Landscape Analysis  
  • Competitor Landscape Analysis  
  • Program Alignment Analysis  
  • Program Portfolio Enhancements  
  • Targeted Alumni Data  

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