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Research Solutions for Human Capital Managment

The Burning Glass Applied Research Team can provide the data you need to future-proof your workforce by tracking the skills your organization has today, forecasting the skills they will need tomorrow, and outlining the steps you can take to transform into a future-ready organization. 

Our Featured Research

Mapping the Genome of Jobs

This white paper details how describing your company’s job requirements using an effective skills taxonomy unlocks new insights about your workforceThese insights can unlock new opportunities to enhance reskilling initiatives, increase internal mobility, and optimize talent acquisition and development.   Read more >>

  New Foundational Skills The demands of the digital economy are reshaping what workers need to know to thrive. In this report, Burning Glass Technologies, in partnership with the Business-Higher Education Forum, identified set of New Foundational Skills that are critical for companies and workers to develop in order to compete in a digital economy.   Read more >>

What’s Trending in Jobs and Skills

In this report, *Burning* Glass Technologies and Boston Consulting Group *analyze* the jobs and skills driving change in the workforce. By studying more than 95 million online job postings over three years, this report identifies the fastest-growing jobs and skills in the U.S. These insights can support strategic workforce planning efforts and help companies future-proof their workforce. 


Burning Glass Applied Research offers custom solutions to help you 

  • Create a Role Architecture framework that defines the roles and skills in your workforce and enables new career pathways, increased workforce agility, and optimized talent acquisition. 
  • Future-Proof your workforce by identifying emerging and disruptive skills.  
  • Build reskilling pathways and optimized workforce development plans to improve retention and enhance diversity and inclusion efforts.  
  • Use customized Labor Market Intelligence to spot emerging job market trends.  

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