G2: In-Demand IT Skills + 6 Tips for Hiring the Best Tech Talent | Burning Glass Technologies

“While it is clear that JavaScript has cemented its reign, it’s interesting to see that SQL (Structured Query Language) is still doing great. SQL is the standard language for relational database management systems used heavily in data science. It’s definitely one of the top IT skills 55% of companies are looking for.

The popularity of SQL is not really surprising given the amount of data which is collected and churned out by thousands of businesses every single day. That said, it’s only possible to make sense of big data if you have the right skillset. Data scientists rely heavily on SQL skills which is why SQL as a skill is in such high demand. Interestingly, in the 2019 edition of of the Global Technical Hiring and Skills Report, SQL was the #1 IT most developers got tested regardless of their focus.

As you can see from the chart in the section above, SQL is present in four out of the eight most popular IT skills combinations tested throughout the whole of 2019. What this shows is that developer candidates are expected to have at least a basic understanding of SQL, regardless of what they specialize in. Also, it is evident that when it comes to full-stack development, a very desirable combination of skills is JavaScript on the front-end paired along with SQL for the server-side.

Other studies also find SQL to be a critical IT skill. According to data from Burning Glass (via Dice), SQL was also the #1 most requested skill as of February 2020.

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