The Enterprisers Project: Now or never: Why CIOs must future-proof IT workforce strategy

“I’ve heard 2020 dubbed “the year of the big pivot.” Businesses, priorities, and entire industries have been forced to shift. In fact, you could also call this the year of the workforce strategy, because in the face of so many huge changes, strategic workforce planning is finally getting long overdue attention and action.

“The word that comes to mind is ‘seismic,’” says Will Markow who leads Burning Glass Technologies’ research into emerging job market trends, skill gaps, and workforce development opportunities.

One of the most important trends that Markow says Burning Glass has identified is that jobs are mutating. These hybrid jobs pull from disparate skillsets and are creating a need for a more versatile workforce, people who can be redeployed quickly across functions, drive productivity gains, and create more innovation by using their knowledge of disparate domains to make novel connections. But this means it’s going to be harder to find the workforce you need. As a result, you’ll have to shift the emphasis of your strategic workforce plan from talent acquisition to talent development.”

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