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Enrollment Marketing

E-Book: Using Career Outcomes to Improve Admissions Yield

Enrollment marketing is the key to bringing in revenue and managing admissions yield in higher education. Yet many institutions overlook one of the most effective tools they have to ensure that prospective students apply and enroll: career outcomes.

Surveys show that students cite starting a career as the most important reason to go to college. Our free e-book, Career Outcomes: The Key to Effective Enrollment Marketing, is a step-by-step, data-driven guide to using the career value of programs to attract prospects who follow through and enroll.

Below you’ll also find case studies of institutions that have used real-time jobs data to align programs with the market, make their case to prospects, and even lure stop-outs back to campus. We’ve gathered free resources on enrollment marketing from around the web to show best practices institutions can follow. Download our e-book or contact us for more information on how educators are putting cutting-edge labor data to work for their institutions.


Enrollment Marketing: Case Studies

Increase Admissions Yield

What Slippery Rock did: The university uses career outcomes data to show potential students how the college’s programs give graduates a boost into the job market.

The tool they used: Labor Insight™

Finding Prospective Students

What the University of Maryland Baltimore County did: Jobs data allowed the university to improve enrollment in a lagging graduate program by finding the right program site.

The tool they used: Labor Insight™

Marketing to Continuing Ed Students

What the University of Wisconsin/Madison did: Career data led to a series of 72 infographics demonstrating the employment value of programs ranging from social work to environmental engineering.

The tool they used: Labor Insight™

Enrollment Marketing: Resources


How-to Webinars for Enrollment Marketing:

Best Strategies to Increase Enrollment Rates and Beat the Summer Melt

You’ve enrolled them, but will they show up in August? Get tested strategies to turn applicants into enrollees.



Career Insight Career Insight™: Show students the career value of your programs

Labor Insight real-time job market data analysis Labor Insight™: Deep analysis of the job market, nationally and in your community

Program InsightProgram Insight™: Align your program offerings with the skills employers demand