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Research Solutions for Emerging Technologies

The Applied Research Team can you quantify the supply and demand for emerging jobs and skills, forecast the growth of new skills and technologies across the workforce, inform go-to-market strategies, and produce field-defining pieces of thought leadership.  

Our Featured Research


Skills of Mass Disruption 

New technologies are disrupting all aspects of our lives and ushering in a new set of skills that firms and individuals need to develop to remain competitive. In this report, Burning Glass identifies the 10 most disruptive tech skills and explores opportunities to help workers and organizations build new skills today so they can avoid disruption tomorrow. 


Securing a Nation 

In this report, Burning Glass Technologies looks the state of the federal government’s cybersecurity workforce and recruiting practices to assess the needs and challenges facing the federal cybersecurity workforce of tomorrow. This report makes suggestions on how the federal government can make changes and adjust their practices to retain the best talent.  



Visulizing the Future 

This report, released by Burning Glass Technologies and Unreal Engine, analyzes the growing demand for 3D technology skills in the U.S. and across the globe.



Burning Glass Applied Research offers custom solutions for:  


  • Workforce market sizing and go-to-market strategy for emerging fields and technologies  
  • Customized thought leadership on the future of work 
  • Customized labor market intelligence  
  • Interactive data visualizations communicating the impact of new fields and technologies on the workforce 

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