Digital Skills are Reshaping Singapore’s Economy | Burning Glass Technologies

Singapore has the heaviest demand for digital skills among five Asia-Pacific economies studied by Burning Glass Technologies, according to a new report.

The most commonly requested baseline digital skills, skills that are foundational to more specialized digital skills, in Singapore are similar to those in the four other economies examined in the APEC report “Closing the Digital Skills Gap Report: Trends and Insights,” which used Burning Glass data. Like the United States and Canada, Singapore’s highest baseline digital skills are requested in nearly 12% of all jobs, suggesting that they are in demand and highly transferable in Singapore’s economy.

Singapore Digital SkillsIn Singapore, the top ten fastest growing digital skills have grown a minimum of over 3,000%, outpacing the other economies studied in the report.

Notably, the most digital occupations in Singapore changed very little from 2013 to 2019. This suggests that digital skills were adopted in these industries early and have taken root.

At the same time, the least digital occupations are seeing the greatest growth in digital skills. Among the occupation groups with the greatest increase in digitization are Human Services and Production and Repair. This indicates that while some industries are already highly digitized, others are catching up.

The report also reveals a positive relationship between an occupation’s level of digitization and the minimum advertised salary for that occupation. This indicates that there is often a positive return to digital skills, further underscoring the importance to acquiring these skills.

You can download the full report at the APEC site.