COVID-19 Impact: Are Tech Jobs Recession-Proof? | Burning Glass Technologies

Millions of Americans are telecommuting, but firms aren’t staffing up on tech support jobs to handle it.

In fact, while tech jobs have often proven resilient in recessions, Burning Glass Technologies data shows the COVID-19 economic shock seems to be striking these roles as well.

Overall, job postings in the Information Technology sector declined 42% between the week of March 2 and the week of March 30, compared to an overall 43% drop nationally.

Telecommuting is an essential element in the strategy of social distancing governments are using to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Yet employers aren’t hiring more workers in IT support roles, such as Computer User Support Specialists (down 41%), Network Administrators (down 37%), and Computer Network Support Specialists (down 16%).

That doesn’t tell us about layoffs, but it certainly suggests most employers are using existing workers rather than staffing up—so far.

There are also declines in hiring for Software Developers across every industries, suggesting that companies may not be investing as much in new product development. Public Administration and Retail have the smallest declines, while Professional, Technical, and Scientific has the largest.


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