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COVID-19: In the Pandemic, Biggest Job Market Impact isn’t Where There have been the Most Cases

States Dependent on Manufacturing, Accommodations Hit Harder than Those with Large Numbers of Cases or Stay-at-Home Restrictions

BOSTON—The states suffering the greatest jobs impact from the coronavirus pandemic aren’t necessarily those with the highest number of cases but those most dependent on vulnerable industries like manufacturing and tourism, according to a new analysis released today by Burning Glass Technologies.

Nationwide, new job postings dropped 29% between March 2 and March 23, according to the findings by Burning Glass, a leading labor market analytics firm. States with the highest number of reported COVID-19 cases and early social distancing restrictions saw declines in job postings comparable to the national average, such as New York (29%), California (28%), and Washington state (27%).

Yet other states with lower per capita reported cases saw much larger declines in job postings, including Maine (49%), Nevada (47%), Florida (43%), Wisconsin and Hawaii (both 41%), and Minnesota (39%). The state with the second-highest number of cases, New Jersey, saw a below-average drop in job postings (14%).

The hardest-hit state is Louisiana, with a 64% drop in postings. Louisiana is third in per capita reported cases and is also heavily dependent on the accommodations industry, which provides 10% of all jobs in the state.

The only state that gained in job postings over the period is North Dakota (up 2%).


COVID-19 job postings


“The economic shock of the pandemic is a nationwide phenomenon, but just as some places are suffering more infections and deaths than others, some states are suffering more economically – and the two aren’t always related,” said Matt Sigelman, CEO of Burning Glass Technologies. “The jobs impact is driven more by the underlying economy of a state than how many COVID-19 infections it has or what kind of social distancing rules are in place.”

Charts and spreadsheets of state by state data for job postings, unemployment claims, and reported cases per capita are available at the Burning Glass website.

Other key trends in Burning Glass job posting data include:

· Job postings are up for health care roles such as Pharmacists (11%), Respiratory Therapists (9%), and Registered Nurses (8%). There’s an even larger demand for cleaning workers, vital in keeping clinical areas sterile. Demand for housekeeping staff is up 16% in the health care field even as overall demand dropped 35%. Demand for health care Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Workers is up 32%, even as it dropped overall by 42%.

· Yet health care postings dropped X% overall, driven by sharp declines in back-office postings and roles that require non-essential but personal contact, such as Physical Therapist Aides (down 73%), Dental Assistants (down 70%), Ophthalmic Technicians (down 57%), and Medical Secretaries (down 51%)

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