The Conference Board: Preparing for the Post-Pandemic Labor Market

“In this webcast, the second in the series, we will discuss what job postings can tell us about the US labor market and what it may look like after the COVID-19 crisis passes. Will the job market bounce back to where it was before the pandemic, or do today’s trends foreshadow a different world?

After attending this program, viewers will be able to answer the following critical questions to help them prepare for what’s ahead:

  • What kind of jobs and skills will drive economic recovery and what sectors will be important in adapting to a post-pandemic reality?
  • Can displaced workers get back into the job market and even gain ground, or are they doomed to drop behind?
  • Will the remote economy become a permanent fixture in the workplace—and if so what does that mean for the hiring and reskilling?
  • Which industries will be most disrupted?
  • How should businesses think through future talent needs and how will it impact future hiring?”

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