Engage Prospective Students with Career Insight Mobile | Burning Glass Technologies

Burning Glass Technologies has enhanced Career Insight to create a customized, mobile –friendly way to engage prospective students. Students can now explore the career pathways associated with your college’s program on their mobile deviceencouraging them to enroll in your programs by showing them the connection to in-demand jobs. 

Career Insight enables prospective students to quickly learn more about the career outcomes associated with an institution’s academic programs. Career information can make the difference in a student’s college choice. Career Insight enables colleges to proactively place real-time career data on their web pages.  

What’s New:  

  • Improve student’s exploration of career opportunities with a new design on program pages.   
  • Provide a seamless experience across desktop, tablets, and phones to make it easier for students to navigate with a mobile friendly iFrame 
  • Customize the application by choosing your own colors to match to your institution’s website through our new Custom Theme option.  

Surveys show that students cite starting a career as the most important reason to go to college and it’s important to show them how your programs will help them achieve this goal. With Career Insight you can focus on what matters most to your students and increase your enrollment rates.  

The Career Insight widget is embedded on your website for students to search your programs and opportunities on their mobile or desktop devices. The user-friendly questionnaire narrows down what the student’s personal motivations are, focuses their area of interests, and how they can continue to grow their skills and guides them to your institution’s most fitting program of study. Paired with real-time labor data, they are able to see how your institutions programs will prepare them for the job market