Burning Glass Technologies Wins the TOP Challenge | Burning Glass Technologies

Burning Glass Technologies won The Opportunity Project Prize Challenge with the Inclusive Development Dashboarda demo designed to give economic development professionals the job market data they need to attract jobs and boost growth. 

The Opportunity Project (TOP), a program run by the Census Open Innovation Labs (COIL) at the US Census Bureauis an ongoing effort to challenge companies like Burning Glass Technologies to use public data to create digital tools for local governments and communities. A $20,000  award went to the winners in each of five categories. 

This dashboard grew out of a Burning Glass partnership with the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL), and their Inclusive Development Network. Burning Glass and CAEL developed economic profiles for five mid-sized metropolitan regions across the nation as part of local workforce efforts. These projects are designed to create economic growth strategies and unite leaders from the civic sector, government, and local industry This project helps communities run unified development projects by using real-time data to create comprehensive programs to confront critical economic problems in the community and help nurture growth in the local workforce. 

In each case, it is essential to provide local leaders with an analysis of the regional economy including industry needs, employer demographics and skillsets, education level, and in-demand jobs. These reports included relevant information for stakeholders representing a wide range of sectors and interests. 

Burning Glass’s dashboard mixes federal data and Burning Glass data to provide a regional economic profile and a detailed report of the workforce to identify growth opportunitiesThis data dashboard answers basic, exploratory questionso local leaders can create plans to build up their local workforce and better connect with labor market needs 

You can read how these groups came together in Birmingham County and Pittsburgh to use this data to enable economic growth and build a more effective, efficient job marketYou can check out our regional and community demo dashboards created for the competition and using Cleveland data as an example.  

If you are interested in putting Burning Glass data to work in understanding your economic landscape and driving community workforce development, contact us today.