Stay Nimble Case Study | Burning Glass Technologies

Stay Nimble Uses Labor Market Data to Match Members with the Perfect Career

The Partner

Stay Nimble is a digital career coaching platform that helps people find their purpose and their perfect career match. Using Burning Glass Technologies’ real-time labor market data, Stay Nimble is able to put their members in touch with the nature of work in their local communities. 

“Burning Glass is making a difference in the lives of our members.”

Dominic Atkinson

CEO & Co-Founder, Stay Nimble

Key Takeaways:

  • Informed Career Changes: With real-time labor market data, Stay Nimble members can make an informed choice about a career change and figure out which skills they should learn to get there.
  • Find a Resilient Job: Stay Nimble members are able to select an occupation which is resilient to the changes that we’re experiencing in the world of work.
  • Better Decision Making: Thanks to labor market data, Stay Nimble members can make better informed career decisions, understand what’s happening around them, and feel more empowered. 

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