Cisco Strategic Workforce Planning Case Study | Burning Glass Technologies

Cisco Uses Labor Market Data to Empower Today's Workforce and Plan for Tomorrow's Skill Needs

The Partner

Cisco began working with Burning Glass Technologies in 2018 to gain a holistic view of the skills and talent within Cisco’s enterprise. Labor market data has helped Cisco easily identify the job skills of their current workforce and empower employees to develop new skills to grow within the company. These labor market insights have played a pivotal role in identifying the key growth skills that will support Cisco’s future strategy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Better informed learning and development process: When employees sign on to Cisco’s learning and development platform, their skills are prepopulated on their profile based on Burning Glass’ role description data. The platform then recommends courses for the employee to take based on the skills they already have.
  • Streamlined talent acquisition process: Rather than keeping skills and job descriptions siloed between departments, Cisco’s roles are now able to communicate across the company in a uniform way based on Burning Glass’ job descriptions.
  • Improved internal talent marketplace: Cisco now tracks their vast internal hiring marketplace on an applicant tracking system. Career pathways are mapped out based on real-time data so employees can spend time upskilling to the next role via Cisco’s learning and development process.

Skills Taxonomy

Burning Glass Technologies has developed its global skills taxonomy over 20 years of experience and tested it in real-world job market conditions. Download our free white paper to find out how our taxonomy powers our products and provides insight to employers, educators, and government officials.