Canadian Job Postings Fall by One-Third in Wake of COVID-19 Pandemic

Job postings in Canada have dropped by 34% since early March when the impact of the coronavirus began to be felt.

While this is a steep decline, it is less than the fall seen in the United States (-43%) or the United Kingdom (-63%), according to an international analysis by Burning Glass Technologies.

Canada has lost more than a million jobs since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, or 5.6% of total employment, according to the Canadian government. Job postings do not represent the loss of existing jobs, but they are an important signal of how employers see the future and how they are pulling back in the face of the pandemic.

The decline hits all regions and industries, but the impact varies widely. For example, the drop in postings by province ranges from -21% in Quebec to -45% in British Columbia.

The impact by industry depends on how critical the function is under social distancing and how much it relies on person-to-person contact. For example, Health Care and Social Assistance (-12%), Transportation and Warehousing (-16%), and Retail Trade (-18%) saw smaller declines than Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation (-70%).

Canada covid-19 job postings

In health care, there has been an increase in hiring for roles where there is a connection to the pandemic. Licensed practical nurses (65%), Registered nurses and registered psychiatric engineers (3%), and Home childcare providers (3%) have all seen increases in postings. Other roles that are either back office-focused or that require close contact have seen declines, such as Dental assistants (85%) and Medical administrative assistants (-66%).

While the IT industry is down more than average (41%), certain specific computer occupations are less affected:

  • Computer engineers (0% change)
  • Software engineers and designers (-4%)
  • Database analysts and data administrators (-19%)
  • Web designers and developers (-28%)
  • Computer and information systems managers (-43%)