Track the Cybersecurity Job Market with Cyberseek | Burning Glass Technologies

The cybersecurity job market is still straining to find enough trained workers, and the Cyberseek™ job site now offers new data to help workers and employers fill the gap.

Cyberseek is a free workforce and career resource developed jointly by CompTIA, the leading technology industry association, and Burning Glass Technologies. The site draws on jobs data and career information to identify where there are cybersecurity openings and how to get the necessary skills for a cybersecurity career.

The site also provides perspective on the magnitude of the challenge in upgrading America’s cyber defenses. Organizations from defense contractors to banks and hospitals need talent to protect themselves—and your data. Yet in every state, the demand for talent in the cybersecurity job market outstrips the supply of available workers, according to Burning Glass data. Some key findings from the updated site data include:

  • U.S. employers posted 285,681 cybersecurity job openings during the 12-month period that ended in September 2017.
  • A good measure of a talent shortage is how many employed workers there are in a field compared to the number of job openings. In cybersecurity, there were 2.6 employed workers per opening between October 2016 and September 2017. The national average for all jobs was 5.6 employed workers per opening. This means the cybersecurity talent pool would need to more than double overnight to catch up with the market average.
  • There is also a shortage of certified cybersecurity workers. Out of the six certifications tracked in CyberSeek, four of them have fewer than two certification holders for every opening: CISSP, CISA, CISM, and GIAC.
  • Cybersecurity job openings are most heavily concentrated in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and San Jose.

Cyberseek offers interactive career pathways so workers can plot out how to get into the field. The latest update includes “feeder jobs,” or IT roles that can serve as stepping stones to a cybersecurity career. The career data aligns with the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework to provide unprecedented visibility into the roles most in demand. The data reveals that the NICE categories of Operate and Maintain, Securely Provision, Protect and Demand, and Analyze account for the bulk of the job postings.

The site also offers an interactive map of job openings by state and metro area—and you can now embed the map on your own site or blog. Find out more at the Cyberseek site.

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