Top Soft Skills Employers Require When Looking for Baseline Skills

Plenty of employers complain about the difficulty in getting skilled workers. But what skills do they need? If employers had to pick the top three baseline skills, or top soft skills as they are sometimes called, what would they choose?

Burning Glass Technologies has mined millions of job postings to sort out which skills employers request most. Every job, of course, has its specific technical skills, whether the position is for rocket scientists or sales clerks. But some skills are useful anywhere, anytime. These baseline or “soft” skills are what keep organizations running—and often they are the difference between success and failure in a career. The infographic below lists the top three skills that show up most often in job postings.

For more on baseline skills, read our report, titled The Human Factor: The Hard Time Employers Have Finding Soft Skills.

Top Three Baseline Skills Every Employer Wants Based on analysis of millions of job postings across the United States, these skills are in demand across nearly every occupation. Communication: Almost every job requires working with teams, so clear communication is essential. Organization: Attention to detail and meeting deadlines are critical in any job. Writing: Even technology firms want people who can write

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