The Keys to Success in an Internship | Burning Glass Technologies

If there’s only one point you take away from our internship research, it should be this: the key to success in an internship is having the right job skills.

The infographic below sums up some key points any prospective intern should know. The job postings we analyze show that employers are highly specific in their internship requirements. It’s the responsibility of the intern to take the required steps to develop the skills that make them employable.

Employers ask for specific software packages, like AutoCAD in Engineering and MATLAB in Data Analytics. They also ask for expertise in subject areas, such as social media and newsletters in Marketing. Nearly three-quarters of internships ask for skills that are specific to a particular field. Some 27% say these kinds of specific skills.

Without skills like this, a student may not get in the door–and without an internship it likely will be harder to get that first full-time job. By developing the right skills, an potential interns are more likely to reach their career goals. The keys to success and greatness  are within reach of potential interns who are continually working and developing their skill set.

In our annual report, The State of American Internships, we found that there is also a distinct season for intern recruiting, peaking in March. But our skills analysis suggests that planning for what you need to learn is just as important as planning for when you need to apply.

2016 Top Internships By Job Posts:

  1. Business Operations
  2. Marketing
  3. Engineering
  4. Sales and Business Development
  5. Media, Communications, and PR
  6. Data Analytics

Keep in mind too that skills such as Project Management and Scheduling are useful across a wide range of industries and businesses. Together with Business Administration experience, internships requesting these skills account for over 58,000 job postings.

Learn more in the Internships Keys to Success infographic below:

Infographic: Keys to Success for Internships. 2016 Top Internships by Job Posts. Domain Skills Drive 73% of Postings.