SXSW Events: Finding Solutions to the Skills Gap | Burning Glass Technologies

The skills gap poses many challenges to the American economy and the educational system. But there are also lots of potential solutions, and Burning Glass Technologies will be talking about some of them at SXSWedu next week.

Boot camps, intensive short-term training programs, have been embraced by many seeking to update their software and programming skills. But how useful can they be outside the tech sector? “Scaling the Boot Camp Model for Middle-Class Jobs” is a panel discussion at SXSWedu on that question, set for March 8. Panelists include Byron Auguste, Managing Director of Opportunity@Work; Rachel Romer Carlson, CEO and co-founder of Guild Education; Bridgette Gray, Executive Vice President of Per Scholas; and Burning Glass CEO Matt Sigelman.

Also on March 8, Matt Sigelman will also offer a different way of looking at the job market in his solo presentation, “Skills, Not Jobs: New Opportunities for Higher Ed.” Based on Burning Glass real-time job market data, the analysis shows higher education would open up significant opportunities if it focused on skills—the building blocks of jobs—rather than occupations. The job market is constantly combining skill sets into new jobs, or adding new skills to old ones. If higher education spots these changes early—particularly with “disruptive skills” like data analytics that can upend entire markets—it can seize opportunities and connect students to the job market.

Finally, Chief Analytics Officer Dan Restuccia will be on a March 13 panel at SXSW Interactive on “Preparing Our Communities for the Future.” Opportunity is out of reach for many as technology and skills change, and this panel featuring Capital One, YearUp, and General Assembly will discuss ways to empower communities to keep up with changing skills.

We hope to see you in Austin, and if you can’t attend in person, be sure to follow these events in social media (#XSXSWedu).