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“Engineering, analyst, and architect related roles seem to be at the top of the cyber security demand list. However, managerial and supervision roles never seem to lose their special place in all these. As a skilled cybersecurity professional, you stand to get at the least $100,000 annual pay from the best-paying companies in the United States.

According to a 2014 report by Burning Glass Technologies, engineering, managerial/administration, analyst, technician, architect, auditor, and consultant job roles were the most advertised in that order. However, newer roles like security consultant, security liaison, and risk management are fast picking up as the industry shifts to specialization.

Based on the survey by Indeed of the top best-paid cybersecurity job titles in the U.S.

Job Title Average annual salary
CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) $175,464
Application Security Engineer $128,128
Director of Information Security $127,855
Senior Security Consultant $126,628
Cloud Engineer $126,365
Software Architect $117,633
Penetration Tester $114,431
Risk Manager $108,465
Chief Information Officer $103,690
Security Engineer $101,808
Information Manager $99,930

Career Growth in Cyber Security

In a cybersecurity workforce study conducted by (ISC)2 on October 2018, it was projected that by 2019, the industry would be short of 3 million cyber security professionals. Another report by Cybersecurity Ventures predicted a  3.5 million shortfall by 2021. Going by this trend, it would be right to infer that the demand for cybersecurity professionals is here to stay.

What does this mean for individuals desiring to venture into a career in cybersecurity?

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