Princeton University Blog: Graduate School reimagines professional development for students | Burning Glass Technologies

““One of the major themes that emerged this summer was the importance of providing graduate students with more alumni, staff and industry mentors in addition to their faculty advisers,” Kubu said. “I’d like the working group to help explore existing mentorship models and plan pilots for next summer.”

Kubu and her team have consulted with labor market research firm Burning Glass Technologies to identify the skills and competencies in demand across all disciplines and industries. The core competencies include research and data analysis; leadership and collaboration; written and verbal communication; teaching and mentoring; career management; and personal well-being and effectiveness.

In addition to workshops and learning cohorts, GradFUTURES will launch an industry fellowship program for graduate students to explore ways they might incorporate their graduate training within diverse career fields. The Graduate School recently hosted its first Industry Exploration Day for 50 students at Bristol-Myers Squibb and plans to schedule additional sessions with other industry partners in the region.

“I cannot articulate how much the people in different offices of the Graduate School have helped me,” said Aguirre, who is applying to faculty and postdoc positions while also exploring careers outside academia. “I especially appreciated the welcoming and diverse community of people. Though there are many skills I’ve developed, I have learned how my research can make an impact beyond academia.”

“I think every graduate student should make an effort to build relationships with the Graduate School team,” he added. “It’s one of those resources that you do not know about when applying to Princeton, but are very, very happy it exists once you are here.”

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