Interested in learning a new skill in the UK? The Nesta Skills Map Can Help

Every worker in the U.K. has probably thought about learning a new skill to improve their chances in the job market. The tricky part is deciding which skill to learn. What are employers asking for? Which skills are growing the fastest in terms of employer demand and which are declining?

Our partners at Nesta have just released a Skills Map using Burning Glass Technologies data to help you answer these questions. Just like a map might be used to navigate a city, this map will do the same for the labour market.

The Skills Map dataset is drawn from employer job adverts, compiling more than 11,000 skills and software programs that have been mapped to occupations.. So when workers consider learning a new skill, they can now explore how those skills are changing over time, reflected in job adverts. What employers need changes constantly, and the Skills Map will help employees and job seekers keep up.

Understanding the “skills landscape” may never have been as important as now. As technology advances, particularly with the growth of artificial intelligence and robotics, jobs are changing. For many people the jobs they do today could look radically different in only a few years’ time. While certain skills are disappearing or getting automated others are growing in importance and certain skills (such as digital skills) have never been more important.

So if you haven’t already, go look up your job on the Skills Map and see how you can prepare for your next job—or what your current job might become.

We’d suggest exploring some of our collaborations with Nesta: In Tech Nation 2016, a report Nesta published with TechCity UK, our data maps how the Digital Tech Economy is creating highly paid employment opportunities across the UK, in fact creating opportunities almost three times faster than the rest of the economy. Do you prefer arts over tech? We’ve got you covered. Take a look at Nesta’s data visualisation on emerging skills in the creative industry and the salaries associated with them.

Stay tuned for more exciting collaboration projects with Nesta, including a current project with the Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence (ESCoE).