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Big Data is having a huge impact on the economy, and in our latest research report, we quantify how the demand for data science and analytics (DAS) skills is reshaping the job market. From research to application, data science jobs are reshaping our industries and our hiring practices. However, it’s not just someones ability to learn how to read data that is the most sought-after skill. Any machine can do that.

In The Quant Crunch, conducted for IBM and the Business-Higher Education Forum, we found the demand for data science and analytics skills is growing rapidly in industries nationwide. And while demand for actual data scientists and data engineers as a whole is skyrocketing, the broader impact is on decision-making positions. That means data science is clearly a disruptive skill that produces hybrid jobs.

Data Science Jobs: By the Numbers

Data Science and Analytics are Now Mainstream Business Tools

  • 2,350,000 job openings demanded Data Science and Analytic (DS) skills in 2015
  • By 2020, DSA job openings are projected to grow 15%
  • 364,000 additional job listings projected in 2020
  • Demand for both Data Scientists and Data Engineers is projected to grow 29%
  • On average DSA jobs remain open 5 days longer than other statistical jobs
  • 81% of DSA jobs require workers with 3-5 years of experience
  • DSA jobs advertise average salaries of $80,265
  • That’s a premium over all BA+ jobs of $8,736

The truth is clear, DSA technology and methods are having a huge impact on the economy. Meaning that those with the right skills are finding their services in higher demand now more than ever.

For a deeper look, check out the below infographic that we’ve put together. It runs through the data on the size and scope of the data science job market, projected to hit 2.7 million openings by 2020. For full details, see our report. (You can also download the PDF version of the graphic).

Data Science by the Numbers: 2.3 million job postings demanded data science and analytics skills in 2015

Scott Bittle is Communications Director at Burning Glass Technologies.