Additional certifications and credentialing can be your “and one” in the job market. Read more >>

Burning Glass Technologies provided employment trends for this article on the Huffington Post.  We showed that more jobs will require a degree and additional credentialing. These additional credentials will be focused on skills in information technology, sales, graphic design, computer coding and programming, and assessment.

These skills can enhance not only your job prospects but also your earning potential. For example, according to Burning Glass, a student coming out of college this year with a liberal arts degree will find nearly 1 million job opportunities tailored to their degree. That sounds like a lot! However, add one certification from the myriad of skills mentioned above and the job prospects nearly double to 1.8 million anticipated openings.

And it does not stop there. Students who achieve specialized badges and certifications in areas such as coding and programming can boost their earnings by up to 27 percent over just having a degree alone.

Fortunately, additional certifications and credentialing can be your “and one” in the job market.

The great thing is that many of these credentials can be acquired through a number of sources. LinkedIn is now offering certificates and training and many companies such as Microsoft, IBM and Cisco are offering their employees access to certification bundles to boost productivity and support their growing need for credentialed staff.